What's in a Logo?

When you start a company, one of the earlier tasks you'll encounter is related to branding. It certainly doesn't need to be perfect in the early days, but having something helps with representation and getting your ideas across. Privacy tech is a strange field, though, with a litany of logos that lean on either fear mongering (e.g, the all-seeing-eye), or more towards security (e.g, a shield, or key). These ideas technically work, and it's possible they're a good fit simply due to widespread use - people have gotten used to it.

Another Way

With the SecretKeys logo, I wanted to communicate what I think privacy is: the right to have your public self, and your private self. I also wanted the logo to focus on the human aspect of privacy, and so after a number of drafts, came up with what you see today. It's a simple glyph, meant to show the duality. So far, it's been very effective.

In general, this also mirrors how I want SecretKeys to build privacy-focused products. Technology is great, but it's the background - the human experience matters.