What We're About

  • Data Pipelines

    Data lake and pipeline management is time consuming and can often be error prone. Trying to train a new AI model or just get on top of things? We've seen it before. Let's talk!

  • Startup Advisory

    We work with early to mid-life startup companies to help them set direction and build their teams. From strategy consulting to candidate interviewing, we're all about your success.

  • Security Consulting

    With well over a decade of experience in web and application publishing, we're well positioned to help you prevent data leaks, various attack scenarios, and more.

  • Some Damn Ethics

    We take a hard line stance on one thing: we do not deal in personal data. We pride ourselves on working with value-aligned companies and projects.


We Build on Green Energy.

In 2022, we challenged ourselves to make our work more efficient - and to that end, we decided to try and run all our services on eco-friendly hardware that's powered by 100% renewable energy. We're proud to say we succeeded.