Your data is the new oil. You should be in control.

WatchDog is an app that runs in the background of your life, alerting you when there's a piece of your data that's somewhere it shouldn't be. It then explains why it might be bad, and helps you deal with it so you can get on with your life.

  • Your Data is (Really) Yours

    Privacy monitoring services tend to do this weird thing where they ask for your data... to help stop your data being spread. WatchDog keeps your data on your device.

  • Privacy is Incremental

    Ever looked into what data is used for tracking? It can be overwhelming. WatchDog helps you with a daily list of things you can improve - smaller goals, so you get to the bigger one.

  • Easier Opting Out

    It can be hard to find how to opt out of most tracking, but in general, it is possible. Sometimes it does require you to do a step or two, though - and WatchDog can guide you through it.

  • Identity Monitoring

    Worried about where your personal info might be showing up? WatchDog searches where you wouldn't think to, and presents it in an easy to digest interface.

  • Risk Assessment

    Sometimes, control means doing nothing. WatchDog tells you how serious what it finds is, so you can choose whether to take action.

  • Removal Verification

    Some tracking opt-outs only apply for a limited time. When possible, WatchDog will periodically check to make sure you're actually still opted out from those programs.

  • News and Alerts

    Data breaches are no fun, but if you're in one - and catch it fast enough - you can avoid issues almost entirely. As new breaches are detected, WatchDog will alert you.

  • Free, with Premium Options

    Privacy is for everyone, so the base app will be free. Premium options will simply enhance the app itself.

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