This document outlines the privacy practices that SecretKeys abides by. It's written in a more human language than other policies you might find, because we (SecretKeys LLC) believe it's important to understand this stuff. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.

This policy was last updated January 6th, 2021.

Information Collection, Use, and Sharing

SecretKeys attempts to collect as little information about you as possible. Currently, in fact, we don't take any information from you for any of our services. If this changes, we hereby state that any new services will feature up-front disclaimers of this, along with appropriate ways to opt out.

Security & Use

Any information we store is in an encrypted format, with all connections that touch said data utilizing additional layers of encryption (for example: browser SSL/HTTPS connections). Currently, this is nothing.

When (or if) we store data, and you've agreed to let us store it, we'll still never use it for marketing or advertising purposes. If our services are useful to you, we judge it from the financial or blanket analytics (e.g, iTunes Connect analytics, which don't show personal information - only aggregate) perspective - we don't need or want to take advantage of your right to privacy.


Our emails do not contain tracking pixels, and we don't care if you open them or not (as in, we're not trying to track engagement). We don't store email addresses unless it's for internal admin accounts (read: not user accounts for services), or for notifications about upcoming product releases. Upon a new product release, we'll notify you if you asked - and then we delete the database table entirely.

Our mobile apps may, if you allow us to, create and register a push notification token, which uniquely identifies your device for Apple or Google to send you notifications. Note that this is not an advertising token - it's a unique per-app identifier that cannot tie you to another account anywhere. We only do this if you opt-in to push notifications. This token does not follow you, and is never shared.

Payments not performed through an app store may processed through Stripe, Inc. We do not hold your payment details, but retain a token from Stripe that we use to connect with the payments flow.

We do use a small script from Plausible Analytics to track what content is popular on our pages. This is a privacy-focused analytics service, and we like it for their focus on not hoovering up user data. With that said, you should consult their privacy policy and terms of service for more information.

You always have a right to full deletion of your data. To do this, shoot an email to and we'll walk through getting it done together.

Warrants, Legal, and More

Unless otherwise noted here, SecretKeys LLC has not received any warrants for information from any particular governing entity. SecretKeys LLC is headquartered in Washington State, in the USA, and abides by US and Washington State law.

Questions or Comments?

Any questions, comments, criticism or suggestions in regards to this policy can be submitted to Responses are generally sent back within 24-48 business hours.